Reading week: FAN-WORK



For my fan created content I will create an illustration of Tom Fletcher from the band McFLY using Adobe Illustrator. Tom is a keen vlogger, along with being a musician, and at the end of his videos he places fan art over his face, my aim will be to be selected for this. I will give it to him in person at his book signing. I have reasonable skills in illustration, but I will keep it simple in a cartoon/ chibi style so that I can finish it in the time frame we have been given.

Fan Created Content


Giving Tom the Illustration

Sucess! Tom loved the illustration and it now might be used in his vlog, he said it was really good and adorable. I am very pleased with the outcome and it was completed in the time frame given. I have uploaded it to several social media platforms as there isn’t a website or anything specifically for the fandom or for fandom works. The main places for the fandom to be active is on social media site such as twitter and Instagram. I decided to make an illustration as I am not confident in writing a fan fiction or anything like that, I am much more confident in creating a piece of art work. The creation of fan art is also a bigger thing in the fandom than writing a fan fiction. This was a fun exercise to complete.


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