I Remember…Bowie

As Bowie was never a big part of my life I don’t remember any original releases of his music but I remember hearing it throughout my childhood in various places. My first memory of any of his music was in the movie ‘Shrek’. One scene used the song ‘Changes’ and since then it has been my favourite Bowie song. Another experience was through the tv shows ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘Ashes to Ashes’, BBC tv shows that used Bowie’s music in the show. I remember always hearing about his eccentricities and characters rather than him as a person, he was always very intriguing .


These are some of the standout comments on Bowie’s videos, they are all based on peoples memories and feeling towards his death. As with all youtube videos there is some that are spam comments which kind of ruin the feeling that are being expressed in the other comments. Some comments are of people discovering the music for the first time  after his death and creating new memories for themselves. It looking like people are commenting on the videos all the time some comment were from today even.

Memories as a fan are probably one of the most important things to have. As a fan, the experiences you have shape you as a fan and so the memories of these events can be some of the most special you own. In the music industry, artists tend to know how special memories can be and will try to put on the best show they can to give these memories.

The David Bowie archive belongs to everyone, people go there to experience memories and enjoy their fan interest. The content itself will always belong to Bowie himself and hopefully it will never be removed.



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