Branded Spaces- Mcdonaldisation Cultural Homogenisation (& Disneyisation)

 CocacolanizationRefers to the globalisation of American culture

Americanisation– American/ Western Ideas being spread around the world

Image result for Swedish anti immigration poster 1869

Swedish anti-emigration propaganda from 1869, at the height of the Swedish emigration to North America. The picture has been scanned from H. Arnold Barton, A Folk Divided: Homeland Swedes and Swedish Americans, 1840—1940, Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 1994. The image on the left represents Per Svensson’s dream of America, that on the right the reality of his life on the American frontier. The pictures originally illustrated a cautionary tale published in 1869 in the Swedish periodical Läsning för folket, the organ of the Society for the Propagation of Useful Knowledge (Sällskapet för nyttiga kunskapers spridande)- Fear people would leave and immigrate to America

Cultural and National identity as a brand- For example young german are revisiting the old culture of the past- preserving cultural identity. Separating away to preserve identity for example the Catalan region of Spain and Scotland wanting independence

Ruling Ideologies such as North Korea- political representation to create a national identity.

Reading- The McDonaldization of Society   The Disneyization of Society



Films- Food Inc. Robert Kenner 2008     Supersize Me

McDonalds like a factory system

Changing the way things are for preference- McDonalds make chickens with breasts

Unecssicary energy input – cut apples in a bag, created rubbish and takes energy to cut and bag, much easier to just eat the apple

Consumption isn’t efficient any more

For the workers these arent long term jobs


You know what youre going to get


Enforced smiles and scripted interactions

Illusions of happiness

You’re not supposed to stay in the resturant, purposely made to be uncomfortable


Quantity= Quality

it is perceived that we are getting a lot for our money

McDonalds is slightly different in each country


Fantasy world


Hybrid Consumption


Performative Labour

Everything in each section is strongly themed for example the wild west everything is very American and you can get bbq etc

The staff have smile training

The simulated environment that distracts from reality

themed hotels you can literally sleep in the environment

Designed so that you have to walk through shops and resturants to get to places- makes you want to buy things. Main street USA as you walk in to the park

Bibbidi Bobbed Boutique

Celebration Town, Florida- Disney town, american dream, fake snow in the winter, its too perfect

Poundbury- fake old town in Dorchester

Milton Keynes


Las Vegas – fake paris and pyramids etc

The dubai mall- Has a theme park, aquarium etc

Apple store- church like, people go to play more than buy

Spot Scenting- attracts you to the place, m&m world and Subway

90% of purchases are made subconsciously

Cathedrals of consumption- Casinos, no clocks lack of time, flashing lights, free drinks, illusions of control, chips instead of actual money

Performative Labour

Real characters


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