UNFINISHED-Trip to Westfield

Westfield- McDonaldization and Disneization

Shopping centres such as Westfield are the perfect places to see these two theories

Westfield has lots of extra things in thw shopping centre such as casino, bowling and a cinema.

All of the high street shops are on the top floor meaning people have to walk through the rest of the mall to get to the most popular shops.

The shape is interesting as it is slighly curved, is this to try to draw people in? you cant see what is around the corner.

The toilets tend to be located in the middle of the levels again so people need to walk through

Many shops have big open window displays eg this misguided shop has a monster truck

The biggest store is right at the back of the mall

there are coffee shop throughout for people to spontaniously decide to rest.

lots of relaxing places eg nail and hair booths in the middle of each level

The most expensive shops are on the middle level towards the back. there is a completely different feel to the rest of the centre it feels like a exclusive section. there is even a piano and a champane bar

A lot of the kid related shops are on the bottom level e.g. mother care, build a bear and the lego store. Why is this?

On the bottom floor is the fast food court which is reminisent of a school canteen. All of the seats are close together in the middle of the of the all of the food places. /the rest of the resturants are right at the top of the mall.

The disney store shows classic disneyization signs

Hollister, why are the stores like they are?

Lush- smells.



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