Canary Wharf Trip- Worksheet Questions

What evidence is there that a private company owns Docklands?

To me walking around I didn’t really see any evidence of this, but I may have just not seen it

What surveillance can you see being used in Docklands? Does being watched change your behaviour?

There is a lot of CCTV in the area. When you leave the station there is immediately a large police presence. They were spread around in pairs but were still very noticeable. There is also a lot of security guards on the door of the buildings and at the entrance to the car parks.

Hows is Docklands different or similar to other areas of London that you are familiar with?

Feels too controlled and fake. Reminiscent of a Theme park. Like New York, its build in squares with square parks in the middle, also feels like a island like Manhatten.

Who is this place for? What kinds of people are you seeing here? What kinds of people aren’t you seeing here? What is it about this place that might make people feel included or excluded?

Business people, wealthy people, workers, tourists. No place for the normal/common Londoners

Can you see any evidence of hostile design?

I can’t say I saw any evidence of this, even though this is becoming a more and more popular in street design, if anything some of the design is quite kind. The benches are pretty smooth, whereas in a lot of city’s anti- sleeping methods have been put in place. I didn’t see any evidence of this in Canary Wharf.

How do you feel in this place? Comfortable, awed, indifferent, inspired? Why do you feel this way?

I feel very out of place at Canary Wharf, I feel inferior and small.

What sort of scale and style is the architecture? How does this contribute to the way the place make you feel?

Small and tall and skinny.Towered over by the tall buildings. Contributed to the small feeling. The nicest place is the old dock section which still have the old buildings.

Can you see any evidence of spectacle?

The whole place feels like a spectacle. Created to be a spectacle? Almost Disney like.The whole place feels strange and fake, it doesn’t feel like a typical business area. Compared to the rest of London everything is far too new and modern. London is a old city, Canary Wharf is out of place. It has clearly been purpose built for the need. Everything is made for the more wealthy with no consideration for the normal Londoner.

This is a business area, but what evidence is there that consumption is also important?

There are a lot of shops and restaurants and shops but these are defiantly for the business people that work here as they are high-end expensive shops. Not for the everyday person.

Consider how people are managed and manipulated by the spaces of the docklands.How does the design of the docklands, control the flow of people in, out, and around the area?

You definitely have a sence of containment in the space. Cross rail Place feels like a gate into the Wharf  through a big arch. The main route in for general public is the underground and as you leave the station you come up the escalator with a glass ceiling, creating more specticle. The public spaces are sandwiched between the big building, but you are almost drawn to them. The streets are all very square and grid like allowing people to easily find their way around inbetween the buildings.




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