Film Screening- The Forgotten Space

The sea, Containers and the Spacial imagination of Globalisation.


‘Of all the forgotten spaces, the sea in its ancient terribleness, is the most forgotten. 9/10 of

the world’s commerce travels in this way’. (‘The Forgotten Space’)

Global Space

Containers  changed how docks work- link to Canary Wharf – decline of the docks etc.

The flow of people and things and the sea make up global space

-‘In place of an imagination of a world of bounded places we are now presented with a world of flows. Instead of isolated identities, an understanding of the spatial as relational through connections. The very word ‘globalisation’ implies a recognition of spatiality’ (Massey, 2005: 81).

Food imported from all over the world when we have the food in this country anyway- what are the financial motives? How is this linked to the supermarkets?

Captalist economy and the logic of global space- things still need to travel, you can’t email a jumper,

power in space, the unevenness of globalisation

-structured divides, the necessary ruptures and inequalities, the exclusions, the production of poverty and polarization within and through ‘globalisation’

How does globalisation happen? How does your t shirt come from far away to the high Street?

Film Notes-

invisible phenomenon- you forget it’s happening

containers changed the world


micheal Powell, Great Depression ship movie

maritine disaster make us think but then we forget again

cargo containgers American invention

china centre

physical thing

space dedicated to the moving of boxes

rotterdam struggling

physical laybour as an appenddige to the machines

Complete automation- no human factor

Labour saving machines

skilled workers in isolation- in own little world- diminished concentration

the containers will keep coming. Never ending.

24 hour economy- have to work hard, constant pressure. Only 5/6% of shipping is now done by barge. Which is the least damaging method

Peace cut by trains and roads etc. Cutting through the land and fields.

railways specifically for freight. Said to be much safer. Bewtue line runs aroundthe cities taking the freight away from the cities. This destroyed farms a s villages

romantisism has disappeared

Containers as a Trojan horse or pandoras box

only a few check for anti terrorist measure even though paranoia is high



Walt Disney planned a waterfront theme park

Idolness of  machines

California rice floods the markets rather than Korean- they go out of business


Sea fairers

Flag of convenience – registering a ship somewher esle

phillaphino maids in Hong Kong – low paid workers but very well educated normally

windows of the world – china

only recently has china relied on the sea

Walmart- biggest import to the us. Lowest wages.




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